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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 11, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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saying goodbye to art &pmodell.the funeral services can pay your respects.w you a baltimore man comes forward as the first maryland victim... of a hepatitis c he says he got it... and the one thing he says he can no longer do with his family because of it. and... a man .. caught on camera robbing a restaurant. the unbelievableething he does next.. that lead to him getting caught. 3 3 3 tuesday, september 11. 3
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map &pbelairwilkenms295 map 3 a finnl goodbye to a baltimore former owner of the baltimore
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scheduled forrlater this mornin. morning.megan gglliland is here with more on how he is being honored today. good morning guys,the funeral for art modell will be held at the baltimore hebrew congregation at 11:00 o'clock this morning.the service will be followed by an invitation only lunchhon and a private interment. since his passing last thursday... at the age of 87... the city of baltimore has been honoring the man who brrught football back to baltimore.during last night's home opener at m and t bank stadium... there was a moment of silence for mr modell.he started his career in football ps the owner of the cleveland browns.when he brought the team to baltimore... he didnt' haae a lot of money... but he told us once... he found a sympathetic banker. iq: he took a liking to me oq: i think you''e going to do it ... and he gave me the credit creditand he became loved in baltimore because of
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can watch art modell's funeral online today as it happens. we'll stream it live starting at 11 a--... at foxxaltimore in lieu of flowers... the contributions be made to the - seek school in baltimore.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. an elderly couple is found dead in their home ... in pikes. to this home on olmstead road ... monday afternoon. a neighbor checked on the couple and saw the manns lifeless body through the window. officers went inside and found the woman dead in the basement. therr were no signs of forced entry. they've yet to i-d the victims, but neighbors say the couple had lived there for a whhle. craig falk, pikeeville: "extremely rare, never. very peaceful and all together, very communal and all that neiggborly stuff, so it's a shock, but... theyywere both very elderly, so it's hard to say what they idea or the here."police are calling it a double homicide, but would not
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say how the couple dded. thee're canvassing the neighborhood .... asking for any infoomation in the case. you can track criminal activity in your neighborhood with 'spotcrime.' get email alerts when crime happees. log onto fox baltimore dot com and click on spotcrime in the ot topics section.. 3 3 the sole victim in the perry high school home this morning.. after two weeks in the hospital. 17-year-old daniel had several surgeries at shock trauma after he was shot last month on the first day of school.he fractured rib.15- year- old nd robert gladden is charged in tte shooting... after opening fire in the cafeteria. today is the 11-th anniversary of the september 11--h terror attackk. as andrew spencer explaans... it's a day of remembrance... but also a day of hope for first responders and the end to some bureaucratic bickering. 3 kenny specht is a former new
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york city firefighter. speaking for myself, and i'm sure i can speak for much, if not all of the new york city fire department, it was an honor to be at the world trade ccnter, it was something that we needed to do. he was one of rubble of the twin towers 11 &y for months. specht was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and treated. he learned monday thattthe government will pay to cover 58 types of cancer for first responders. specht says this day has taken so long toocome because history hasn't given us a precedent. they had o baseline to fall back on. they wanted to compare us to coal minnrs. // this was not a coal mine type of situation. we needed the the way that they thought. those who died and those who still suffer, were no doubt on the minds of those visiting the 9-11 memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania on monday. secretary f defense, leon panetta paid tribute too the passengers and crew of united airlines flight 93. their hijacked plane crashed
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into a field. "this is hallowwd ground. this is hallowed ground becauseethis is the final resting place for american patriots." the 9/11 museum in new york, also considered to be on hallowed ground, was supposed to open to the public today. but a budget and oversight dispute stalled the project. late monday, those involved came to an agreement and vowed that construction won't stop until it's finished. the museum is part of the national september &p11-th memorial, which has see four and a half million visitors since it opened last year. i'm andrew spencer reporting. the foundation that organizes theeseptember 11-th memorial says this year... no politicians will be allowed to services. also... president barack obama and presidential nominee mitt romney have said they will suupenn their a ppivate funeral service for
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actor michael clarke duncan friends and fans gathered for a public memorial in los angeles.duncan... who rose to fame in the film "the green mill"... died last week after pearly 2 months f tteatment following a heart attack.he was 54. teachers in chicago will continue striking for a second day... forcing hundreds of thousands of students to stay home. this was the scene monday... aa nearly 30- streets of chicago.teachers - and administrators went back to the bargaining table monday. union negotiators say they are clooe to a reaching a deal on pay... but are still far apart on teacher evaluations, 3&a nee study finds young men higher risk of testicular cancer.the national cancer institute estimates this year alone... more than 85-hundred men in the u-s will be diagnosed with testicular cancer.and of those diagnosed... about 360 of them will die from it.tte study pppears in the latest issue of "the amerrcan cancer society's journal."
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surveillancc video captures a burgler taking a nap..after spending several minutes trying to break into a store. happened at the tarheel barbeque.the restaurantts been around for 50 years...but this was a can see the stranger trying to break in the back door...with a ssovel that 2 shovell... for 30 minutes.. - but the door wouldn't budge. "now he's got both shovels at the same time.""i was just surprised that he never looked watching him it was like he didn't ccre."you can look at tired.""it's just unbelievable, and then to lay down and sleep." sleep."he got a retty good nap..when dawn comes he awakess and leaves.police are still looking for him. 3 the ravens kick off their
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victory over the cincinnati ben! bengals!joe flaccc threw 299 yards and two touchdowns...ed reed had an interreption and took it 34 yards to the endzone.. ray rice... also scooing two touchdowns.the team sacked bengals quarterback, andy dalton four was a blow out.. after the ravens scored 24 straight points... in just over six minutessthe final score... 44 to 13. congress is back to work... after five weeks off... but not for long... long...the reason why so many
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3 3 410-767-8146 3 are you our biggest fan?then you can become.. our fan of the day! page... and feature them on ur - fan just go to our facebook - foxbaltimore.ook dot com slash - 3&they're back at work..but it seems... work won't get done. done.the serious issues involving the american people congress isn't tackling right now...and the reason behind the stalling. ((break 2)) the stalling. ((break 2)) been shopping so smart, cash back with your freedom card
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long.lawmakers returned to capitoo hill, monday... after a five-week recess.but as dana bash explains...don't look for them to get much done before they leave on another break. break. --repprter pkg-as follows -- "house will be in order." "senate will come to order." back to work after summer break - wwth a long, long list
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plenty of frayed election-year nerves. so much so that the house chaplain opened the collegiality."help each member to overcome unnecessary divisions that hammer productive work on behalf of our nntion."not likely...across the capitol at the exact same time, the senate democratic leader started the day by going after mitt romney's running mate. "the ryan math doesn't work with his udgets. ii doesn't work with medicare. ii ddesn't work with his tax plan."the senate's number 2 republican used his time to rebut democratic claims from theii party convention last week."it is impossibbe to say that the tax cuts on the rich caused the recession."there is bipartisan agreement that they dont want to be here. they'd rather be home camppigning for re-election so expect congress to ccomplish the bare miniium during this short 2-3 week spurt of pre -election work most importantll: averting a
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government shutdown. since congress failed to seed the president any of thh dozen or so spending bills it's required tt pass - eaderss agreed to vote on a stop gap measure funding the government for months at current spending llvels that's something tea party backed republicans who were elected to cut spending had vowed never to go along with. then there's the farm bill...a five year measure governing everything from farming to food stamps ...which rrns out sources in both parties expect at least a one year extension - and some help for drought stricken cattle ranchers and farmers. yet even issues both parties want to address are trapped in partisan gridlock: cyber security, postal reform, even extending the violence against women act, which expires at the end of the year. nevermind the really tough stuff... namely, the so-called fiscal cliff on december 31st. when bush-era tax cuts expire, and about one hundred billion dollars in in, unless congress acts.ick -
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congress issstalling on ttose huge fiscal issues mostlyy because sources in both parties say they want to wait to see what the political landscape looks like after the election. thinkkyou have retirment saved ? up?think again...find out when it's expected to dryyup! al pacino will an . - upcoming movie. ((break 3)) energy bill down to size?
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to start saving... and many people are acting on that.a td ameritrade study shows almoot sixty percent of adults in their mid twenties to forties are making regular contrrbutions to their retirement savings.and the good news is, thhy're staating eaalier han their parents... which means tteir money has longer to grow... and that hopefully means a bigger nest egg.younger adults started tt save for retirement at age 26. compare that to their baby
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boooers parents, who didn't start saving until they were 35 years old.but that thrifty mindset may not have been passed down to younger generations. instead, many teens are banking on somee safety nets.for example, 65- percent of kids betteen 13 and 22 think they will be able to rely on social security when they retire.but the government has warned that social security will run out of money by 2033 -- a long time before this age group reaches retirement. meantime, another big chunk, almost 40 percent of teens, think they will receive an iiheritance from their parents.many experts say it's important for pareets to talk to their children about saving for retirement, and to talk to them early so they can get a head start.the study says ost kids do have savings accounts, but pareets focus mostly on saving for a rainy day and for college.still, some teens are thinking way ahead...8 percent are already putting away funds for their "golden ears".i'm alison kosik in new york.-----end----- cnn.script- the 9-11 memorral has a special section... ready to
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mark today's eleventh anniveesa. anniversary.but not everone's pleased with the memorial.the reason behind the . backlash.saying goodbye to art modell.the funeral services happening today and how you can pay your respects. respects. 3
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the final farewell to the man that brought football back to baltimore... ... on fox 45 news at five. 3 -one world trade center in new york -lit up in red, white and blue- marking the eleventh anniversary of september 11th. 3
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